Mullivann OKA Design 1

OKA Design 1

OKA 1 fits up to 2 people with its 2 regular seats. A total amount of 39 massage jets provides a thorough, effective and relaxing massage for your whole body. The hot tub is equipped with an ozonator sanitizer that keeps the water clean at all times. The standard equipment includes a colour LED lighting, anatomical head rests, a waterfall, a control and titanium heater system, a thermal cover, a cover lifter, steps, Aquatic AV audio system, chemical starter pack and durable side panels.

Price: 10900 €

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The standard equipment includes a colour LED lighting, LED backlit jets, anatomical headrests, AIR X® jets, waterfall, control system, ozonator and UV sanitizer titanium water heating, thermal cover, cover lift, steps, durable side panels and an Aquatic Sound System incl. a subwoofer.

For additional fee you can order a WiFi module that allows you to connect the bath tub to your smartphone and regulate the intensity of the massage. You can also upgrade your equipment with MicroSilk hydrotherapy specializing in skin regeneration and clearing.


OKA Design hot tubs are inspired by the modern shapes of an automotive industry. The cabinets are made out of boards intended for exterior coatings of extreme longevity. You can choose your preferred design from a selection of emulated modern and traditional materials.


The inner shell is made out of a fully recyclable GreenShield material stiffened by an in-between layer of ABS for better longevity. It is further thermally insulated with Arctic+ and a reflexive ALU material that protects the hot tub from challenging winter weather conditions.

The outer shell is made out of an american acrylite Lucite and is available in 7 colour options.
Thanks to these carefully selected first-class materials and strict testing of finished products, we can guarantee an extreme durability, longevity and defectlessness of every hot tub.

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Dimensions 200 x 100/150 x 206,2/78 cm
Water capacity 900 l
Number of seats 2
Sitting seats 0
Lounge seats 2
Weight 200 kg
Air jets 10
Hydromassage jets 28
AIR X® jets yes
Circulation pump 1 Typhoon 3000 DUAL 2,2 kW
Circulation pump 2 -
Control system and heater Balboa TP800 3 kW 
Filtration Skim filter CMP, USA 
Shell Lucite, USA

Standard Equipment

Color LED lighting 8x 
Spa LED light 1x
Jets stainless steel
LED backlit jets yes
Air blower yes (incl. heating) 
Waterfall yes
Aromatherapy yes
Cabinet HPL
UV sanitizer yes
Ozonator sanitizer yes
SPA audio system Aquatic AV 
Subwoofer Aquatic AV 
Thermal cover + cover lift yes
Steps yes
Chemical starter pack yes